In Bangladesh, we have been providing access control services for all types of security by our team of more than 10 years of skilled work. You will be happy to know that “Ahnaf Technology” is one of the best-experienced companies in the country. Our bio-metric is the easiest and most secure access control system with face detection, full RFID, and fingerprint door access control system with access control reader, magnetic/electronic lock, exit switch, and power supply.

Our device is able to set up on the glass doors, wooden doors, metal doors, suitable for hotel security doors. Installation and programming are very simple. This system kit set can connect to additional doorbells, If you need, please feel free to contact us.

  • A very flexible controller that can mount on top of the door and provide a built-in motion detection function.
  • controller system supports Readers with Mobile Credentials
  • Each door controller supports up to two readers. You can select inside and outside readers, with or without motion detection, or two separate door access control.
  • The intuitive, easy to use action plan editor will enable you to create complex action plans in minutes
  • Advanced logic functions provide complex branching action plans to meet your business needs. Over 40 customizable actions Including HTTP requests, door overrides, SMS messaging, and email actions.
  • Operates even if the network is down (as long as the controller has power).
  • Integrates with IP Camera System
  • Provides Elevator Floor Control
  • The same controller modules can be ganged together inside a central control box that can be used to retrofit older door access control systems.
  • The controller provides power for the electric lock.

Adventist of Access Control

Everybody wants to keep their organization, company, businesses secure, and thus far, The need for a door access control system. Unless yours is an office comprised of more employees where you might be just fine with locks. So, Door access control is wise to install an access control system on your business premises.

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